Architects and Interior Designers

Gulf Bend Center
Victoria, Texas
19,433 SF
Total Cost:
$3.5 Million

Gulf Bend Wellness Community

The Gulf Bend Center Wellness Community is located on a 2.9-acre site in Victoria, Texas near the intersection of North Nimitz Street and Morningside Street. The facility is composed of 8 separate buildings with 32 Living Units, 2 Respite Care Units and Community facilities. A “Fast-track” project, the Gulf Bend Center Wellness Community follows the sustainable criteria set forth by the Meadows Foundation. The project team determined which of the Meadows Foundation recommendations were implemented in the design and construction of the community. One aspect of the sustainable design initiative was to reduce the “heat-island” effect by incorporating green space throughout the project site. Other, less obvious design choices included insulated glass, Energy Star appliances, and low VOC interior materials.